At XXLL, Inc., commercial roofers in Santa Ana, CA., we believe that an educated customer is the best customer.  We don’t want to baffle you with confusing language, and we want you to clearly understand exactly what you’re getting when you invest in commercial roof services with us.  So we’ve put together this handy-dandy little blog post of 20 different commercial roofing terms you should know.   Got any questions?  Ask us!  With over 50 years of roofing experience, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all – and avoided countless mistakes that others without this experience often still make.  We do it right, the first time, guaranteed.  

Commercial Roofing Term #1: Built Up Roof (BUR)

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Built Up Roof BUR XXLL Inc

Discover the durability and longevity of a Built Up Roof (BUR). Comprising multiple layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics, BUR is a preferred choice for low-slope or flat roofs due to its protective qualities.

Commercial Roofing Term #2: Cricket

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Cricket XXLL Inc

A cricket in this case isn’t an insect, it is an essential feature on any roof with a chimney or other projection, designed to divert water and prevent pooling. Ensuring your cricket is properly installed can dramatically reduce the risk of leaks and water damage.

Commercial Roofing Term #3: Fasteners

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Fasteners XXLL Inc

Fasteners are crucial in securing the components of your roof system. They must be selected based on the type of roof and the environmental conditions it will face. Incorrect fasteners can lead to roof failure, so expert installation is key.

Commercial Roofing Term #4: Membrane

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Membrane XXLL Inc

A roofing membrane is a protective layer that is essential for waterproofing in various roofing systems, especially on flat roofs. Choosing the right membrane material, such as EPDM, TPO, or PVC, affects longevity and performance.

Commercial Roofing Term #5: Ponding

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Ponding XXLL Inc

Ponding on a flat roof can lead to significant damage if not addressed promptly. It often indicates inadequate drainage and can accelerate the deterioration of roofing materials. Regular inspections can prevent these issues before they escalate.

Commercial Roofing Term #6: Reflectivity

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Reflectivity XXLL Inc

Reflectivity in roofing materials is key to reducing heat absorption and improving energy efficiency. Highly reflective roofs can significantly lower cooling costs and extend the lifespan of the roof by minimizing thermal stress.

Commercial Roofing Term #7 Roof Deck

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Roof Deck XXLL Inc

The roof deck is the foundation of any roofing system, typically made from wood, metal, or concrete. It must be strong and stable to support the weight of the entire roof structure and withstand environmental loads.

Commercial Roofing Term #8 Roof Drain

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Roof Drain XXLL Inc

A roof drain is critical for removing water from flat roofs, helping to prevent water accumulation and potential damage. Proper placement and maintenance of roof drains are key to the health of your roofing system.

Commercial Roofing Term #9 Roof Penetration

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Roof Penetration XXLL Inc

Roof penetrations, such as vents and skylights, require careful sealing to prevent leaks. Understanding how to properly integrate these features can significantly affect the integrity and waterproofing of your roof. Looking to ensure your commercial roof is in top condition? Don’t wait for minor issues to become major problems!

Commercial Roofing Term #10 Roof Slope

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Roof Slope XXLL Inc

Roof slope is fundamental in design for shedding water and preventing leaks. Understanding the right slope for your roofing materials can enhance performance and longevity.

Commercial Roofing Term #11 Roofing Aggregate

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Roofing Aggregate XXLL Inc

Roofing aggregate, often used on flat roofs, adds a layer of protection against UV rays and physical damage. It also provides an aesthetic finish while improving the roof’s fire resistance.

#12 R-Value

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - R-Value XXLL Inc

R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance and is crucial in evaluating the insulation performance of your roof. Higher R-Values mean better insulation, which can significantly reduce energy costs.

#13 Scupper

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Scupper XXLL Inc

Scuppers are critical for drainage in flat roof systems, allowing water to exit the roof through the walls instead of downpipes. Ensuring your scuppers are clear and properly functioning is essential to prevent water buildup and damage.

#14 Seam

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Seam XXLL Inc

Seams are the joints where two pieces of roofing material meet. Properly sealed seams are vital to prevent leaks and extend the roof’s life. Our team excels in ensuring these critical points are secure and durable.

#15 Single-Ply Roof

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know - Single-Ply Roofing XXLL Inc

Single-ply roofing systems are popular due to their durability and ease of installation. Available in materials like EPDM, TPO, and PVC, they offer excellent weather resistance and energy efficiency.

#16 Ballasted Roof

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know Ballasted Roof XXLL Inc

A ballasted roof system uses loose stones or pavers to hold down the roofing material. This method is cost-effective and easy to install, providing protection and insulation without penetrating the roof membrane.

#17 Flashings

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know Flashings XXLL Inc

Flashings are used to seal and protect the joints in a roof from water penetration, especially around chimneys, vents, or intersections. Proper flashing installation is crucial to maintaining a leak-free roof.

#18 Modified Bitumen

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know Modified Bitumen XXLL Inc

Modified bitumen roofing combines the benefits of built-up roofing with the convenience of single-ply materials, offering robust protection and flexibility. Ideal for buildings with flat or low-slope roofs, this material adapts well to temperature changes and provides excellent waterproofing.

#19 Thermoplastic

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know Thermoplastic XXLL Inc

Thermoplastic roofing membranes, such as TPO and PVC, are prized for their longevity, resistance to UV rays, and flexibility in low temperatures. They also provide excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, and animal fats, making them ideal for commercial buildings.

#20 Thermoset

Commercial Roofing Terms to Know Thermoset XXLL Inc.

Thermoset membranes, such as EPDM, are known for their durability and versatility. They are resistant to ultraviolet light and ozone, temperature extremes, and some acids, providing a long-lasting roofing solution that’s easy to maintain.

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