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About XXLL, Inc., Experienced Commercial Roofing Company Santa Ana

Rob Robbins has been an expert in the business since 1969 

Experienced  Commercial Roofing Company Santa Ana, that is XXLL Inc. When people ask me how I got in the roofing business, I used to jokingly say “bad luck”.  Actually, it has been an interesting career to say the least, and it has never been boring or predictable.  I started in Cleveland Ohio back in 1969 when I ran out of work painting houses in the Fall, and my brand-new wife discreetly asked me “what now?”

I started late that year working with a friend of hers’ husband in roofing and I realized that I could work outside at least 4 months longer doing roofing work than painting, so I bought a bigger truck and dove in.

In 1986 I moved myself to Southern California after determining that I couldn’t survive another winter and, after a few years working for several Commercial Contractors, I set up shop in Laguna Hills as Pro-Tech Weatherproofing and I’ve been at it ever since.

Now I’m semi-retired and doing strictly Commercial, Industrial, and Managed Residential Properties like Apartments and Condos in SoCal for nice people who become my friends. If I can give you any insight into my business ethic it is this; 

It is easier to do the job right than to explain why you didn’t. 

As an experienced commercial roofing company in Santa Ana, we’ve seen it all and fixed or replaced most every type of roofing issue.  Roofing in Southern California is vastly different than Ohio, in that there are not the extreme temperature differentials, incessant rains, and snow loads like back East. I see things on roofs out here that would never fly in Cleveland.

Nevertheless, the “BUILDING ENVELOPE PROTECTOR” is still prone to the universal problems of UV degradation, building movement, and old-age.

Preventive Maintenance on roofs in this mild environment is extraordinarily valuable in that the life span of a typical roof application can be very long with a minimum of expenditure if done consistently.

Water intrusion is not very evident when it first begins. Sealants on the roof begin to degrade and water seeps in ever-so-gently. A fastener backs out of the plywood and water starts rusting it out until it gets in. A temblor rocks the building and the membrane rips. You go from a 100-degree day to a sudden thunderstorm and the temperature drop splits the roof. 

Just stick a pin in the bottom of your styrofoam coffee cup and see how long it takes for the latte to form a puddle on the floor. Sometimes we are, indeed, looking for a needle in a haystack.

The underlying structural members of a roof are primarily wood and metal and they rot and rust when exposed to water. If you ignore your building’s most important asset, you do it at your own peril.

There is not much that I haven’t seen on a roof at this point in my life…50 years is a long time. I pretty much know what I’m doing by now and my people collectively have another couple of hundred years of experience in the trade.

I promise you this…

“If it ain’t broke we won’t fix it…but if it is…we know what to do and we’ll get it right the first time…GUARANTEED!”

Hope to meet you sometime and show you around your roof…Cheers!

– Rob

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